Dry floor nozzles

Creating a joyful and exciting environment with a special manifestation of water dancing

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Dry floor nozzles :

Dry floor nozzles are one of the controllable nozzles in modern fountains.

The use of dry floor fountains is increasing today. The features of dry floor nozzles are the production of water dance magic using stainless steel body and stainless steel solenoid valve. In addition, the dry floor nozzle is manufactured individually or in groups with standard DMX communication protocol which is a standard communication protocol in All major companies are manufacturers of fittings and this ability to control these nozzles with any software and hardware that has the standard DMX protocol. The lights used in this nozzle are RGB multi-color. They have IP-68 protection standard and are waterproof.

Stainless steel body.
Quick and easy installation.
Has a two-year replacement warranty.
Ability to install and control individually and in groups.
DMX-512 communication bus controllable (on request)
Includes two seven-color LED (RGB) lights.
With stainless steel solenoid valve.
Proudly designed and built by Iran.