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Dry Fountain Project:

This section includes projects running or running a dry floor fountain.

Dry floor or subsurface water fountain is one of the most popular types of water fountain. One of the features of this fountain is the ability to play children indoors while working due to the installation of all fountain equipment beneath the surface. Dry Fountain All fittings are installed below the surface and only dry fountain nozzles are mounted on the work surface, so both being fitted with the surrounding environment and not having to observe the aesthetics of this fountain adds to the beauty of the fountain. All-steel dry floor dryers will increase the working life of this type of water fountain. Has a simple musical and rhythmic face.

Simple Dry Fountain Project: In plain dry fountain, all the nozzles have a constant water outlet height, and the effect is only by changing the nozzle lights, which will change the color of the nozzle outlet.

Rhythmic Dry Fountain Project or Dynamic Dry Fountain Project: In a rhythmic dry fountain project, the nozzle output water height changes dynamically and rhythmically.

Musical Dry Fountain Project: Musical Dry Fountain Project is in many ways similar to rhythmic dry fountain and its main demand is the sound output and directional output of dry floor nozzles based on music using software and hardware specifically directed. Fountain is the magic of water dance production.