About Us

About Electronic Kavir Alborz Company

Electronic Kavir Alborz Engineering Company was founded in 2007 with the aim of designing and optimizing smart electronic systems. The company started its activity in producing quality products with Iranian brand and started designing and manufacturing fountain equipment from year 3. Products of this company can be used for swimming pool lights and waterproof lamps with IP-68 protection rating. Waterproof electric valve production. Waterproof controller and other fountain equipment with magic water dance brand.

Fountain History

For centuries, people have been amazed and amazed at the flow of water and the glow of the water, perhaps because of the soothing sound of the water flow or the beautiful designs created by the upside-down movement that make people enjoy watching the water flow and glow. Whatever the feel, it doesn’t matter; the fact is that fountains, home fountains and other models of aquatic structures have played a huge role in human life for centuries.